If you want to buy coffee maker which can make coffee with single serve brewer or like a coffeehouse with an espresso maker, then we have a right brewer for you. We give you some tips to choose right coffee maker perfect for you and your family.

Choosing a brewer

To buy a best coffee maker for you have to keep in mind something . If you like your coffee rich and full flavored and you want to spend more time with your cup of coffee then an espresso maker or  may be french press best for you.

espresso maker & french press

Or you want to make a larger quantities of coffee at one at a time in a easy way , you can take a drip coffee maker. Modern version of this type of coffee maker, might  surprise you their advanced and time saving features with their upscale designs. If you are in hurry ,you can buy single serve brewer.They can brew a highly personalized cup of coffee, even espresso quite quickly. It will free  you from your daily stop at a coffee shop before your office time .

Single Serve Coffee Makers


Now a days it is the latest trend that brewing one cup of coffee at a time. If you are in rush, you want your coffee fast and also want variety in your life, single serve coffee maker is perfect for you.Materially, many people buy a single-serve machine to supplement their drip machine and use it when they are in hurry. Single serve machine can brew coffee both a drip or espresso method.Make sure that you buy a machine based on your test, in which method you like you drink your coffee. In addition, many single-serve machines utilize prepackaged ”pods”,which are sold in a fantastic array of coffee varieties and flavors.These pods will  change up your morning routine with a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Some pods work only with certain machines. Some machines can read the pod’s barcode and adjust settings for the perfect cup. But you need to finds compatible pods after you buy your machine.

Single-Serve Coffee Machine Features

Cup Height

A smaller machine may occupy less space on your countertop but make sure your machine is large enough to hold your travel mug if you want to just grab your coffee and go.

coffee maker

Reservoir Size

May you want to brew one cup of coffee at a time but you may want to make several in advance. If you want to make beverages for your family or your dinner parties ,you need to buy a machine with a larger reservoir.

Variable cup size

 There is some single-serve machines let you choose the size of your beverage.

Strength and temperature selection

   Single-serve machine can control both the temperature of the water and the time it takes to saturate the grounds to create strong flavor.

Availability of beverage pods

 Pod-based single-serve machine manufactures also make their own coffee pods.So you need to purchase the right one for the machine. The most common coffee pod is K-Cup,made for keurig or Nespresso pods,mainly for the Nespresso machine.K-Cup can be found in large variety packs.

Create your own coffee pod

Some companies produce eco-friendly and economical reusable filters or refillable pods that can be used with your own ground coffee.Though ,some brewer models may not be compatible with these products.

Multi-Cup Coffee Makers

In American households most coffee maker model serve 8-12 cups per carafe,so the are perfect for your families ,for your guest or your dinner parties . It can serve one cup coffee for you or more than one cup of coffee for your guest. You just have to be select what is good for you .

Drip Coffee Maker Features


For those people who are like all kind of hot beverages in a different of sizes, these machine can serve you a cup of hot water for your tea or a fresh cup of coffee directly into your coffee mug.

Carafe size

Most carafe can make 8-12 cups of coffee but many commercial machine can handle multiple pots.If you are not a extreme coffee drinker, you just need coffee two of you maybe a 4 cup machine is the right size.

Carafe type

Glass carafes are most common nowadays but a durable thermal carafe will keep your coffee hotter much longer if you want to set the carafe on the morning breakfast table.

Filter basket or paper filters

Machine with built in filter basket will reduce the cost and west of paper filter but it is require more time to clean.

Strength and temperature

To get a stronger or subtler flavor you need to control the temperature of the water and the time to takes saturate the grounds.

Built-in coffee grinder

Grinding beans just before you brew is a best method to produce the best-testing coffee.


 Program your coffee to brew before you go to sleep and wake up from bed for the fresh aroma of brewing coffee the next morning.

Automatic shutoff

It is a very necessary safety feature found on the machines.

These are the basic tips to buy your own coffee machine.You can find your suitable Coffee machine for you in online shop or in local store. So grab your own coffee machine today ,make rich and full flavored coffee and enjoy with your flavored coffee.

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